2022 HERD 5.50 sand salt spreader


2022 HERD 5.50 sand salt spreader

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Turner, ME


This brand new Herd Kasco Model 5.5 3-Point Wet Sand and Salt Spreader with 550 lb. capacity is built entirely in the USA for Category 1 Tractors. This Herd Model 5.5 works great with wet & dry sand, as well as salt, and it is ideal for parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.

The Herd Model 5.5 holds 550 lbs. of wet sand, or 5.5 cu. ft. of material. The PTO powered salt/sand spreader is rugged enough for heavy duty ice control usage. The unique agitator system provides positive feed and can spread salt, wet sand stored outside, and sand mixed with salt or calcium chloride.

The Herd Kasco Model 5.5 3-Point Wet Sand Spreader can spread up to 275 lbs. of sand per minute. There is a 20 ft. maximum spreading width. The tractor is recommended to run at 2/3 throttle so the PTO is about 400 RPM. This will give a spread width of 20 ft. As the the motors slows, the spread width will become narrower. An optional fan shroud (#1005) is available to hold narrow widths. The Model 5.5 spread pattern will be narrower than spreaders made for broadcasting grass seed.

The Herd Kasco Model 5.5 3-Point Wet Sand Spreader has powder-coated paint for non-rust durability and a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel hopper with welded seams. The round hopper base prevents material from lodging and assures even feeding.

We are proud to say that this Herd Model 5.5 is FULLY MADE IN THE USA.


Model5.50 sand salt spreader
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